Frequently Asked Questions

How i can order ?

Do you have warranty ?

  • Yes. 1 years warranty for our products. We will replace all broken products with new product in 20 days. There is guarantee certificate inside package.

How many mobile phone can charge at the same time and what is charge performance ?

  • 50.000 MAH Powerbank : You can charge 8 device at the same time. There are 2 buit in cable on product ( 1 Lightning cable for Apple products and 1 Micro usb cable for Android devices ). And also there are 2 USB port on product ( 2.1A ). We give 2 pieces ( 3 in 1 usb cable ) with product. It is full 41600 mah. It has 800-1000 times charge period. It means that you can charge our product 800-1000 times. As you know, all te lithyum ion batteries have a life time. Let us explain with samples : Iphone5 have 1400 mah battery. You can charge it over 30 times with our product. And If you plug another mobile phone to the product, for example Samsung s5 ( It have 3200 mah battery ), you can charge them at the same time. It depends on mobile phone battery capacity. But generally we can say that ; If you connect 8 mobile device at the sama time, our product can charge each mobile device it 4 times .
  • 10.000 MAH Powerbank : You can charge 6 device at the same time. There are 2 pieces 3 in 1 usb cables inside package. Suitable with all kind of mobile devices.

Can you print our logo ?

  • Yes. If you order more then 50 pieces, we can print your logo on product free.

Can we get distributorship ?

  • Yes you can. Please contact with us.

I have another question. How i can contact with you ?